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the lux series

Obsidian - Jennifer L. Armentrout

 today i will be talking about the lux series. This was such an amazing series there are 5 books in this series and they are all just so amazing. the series is about a girl who moves to a boring old town and instantly has a crush on her next door neighbor Daemon. but once she gets to know him and his sister she finds out that they both are aliens. and for violence i expected there to be quite a lot but i found out that it doesn't. which i found very surprising considering that there are people after them. but Daemon dose not believe that violence is the answer. there are all of 1 fist fights in each book but thats it and its never EVER graphic. and i highly recommend this series to anyone. 




violence: • one fist fight in each but, never graphic.


language • hell is used 1 time in the whole series.


sex • some snogging but thats it.